Each year, Adobe commissions artists from a variety of disciplines and styles to show off the power of Creative Cloud by producing custom artwork to represent each product.

Our brief was to create an artwork that would be used as the Splash Screen for the new version of After Effects, showcasing our creative skills using Adobe's creative tools.

This image is displayed every time the application is launched, being seen by millions of users all over the world, every single day.

As part of the brief, we also produced a short, expressive animation to compliment the Splash Screen artwork, demonstrating the power of After Effects and its features through animation.

This piece is bright, positive and colorful, celebrating the art of motion design, and inspiring users to explore After Effects and Creative Cloud.


Client — Adobe
Concept, Design, Motion — Never Sit Still
Sound Design — Smith & Western

Selected shots from the Adobe AE animation.

After Effects 2022 splash screen in situ.

Selected shots from the Adobe AE process reel.

Early concept sketches.

Overarching sketches and colour blocking.

Footage with cel exploration.

Painted sketches.

Sketched storyboards.