Etta is Deem's global travel management platform that makes it easier to travel anywhere. A mobile, cloud-based travel solution that allows employees to quickly shop for, book, and manage their travel.

We were commissioned by global design agency, Mucho, who had rebranded Deem, and created the design language for the Etta travel platform.

Our task was to create a product launch 'teaser' video, based on Mucho's new brand language and the ‘pictogram’ style they had developed.

Never Sit Sill worked on the storyboards, style-frames and animation to create an informative and emotive 90 second video, with Smith & Western handling the audio mix and sound design.


Client — Deem
Brand Agency — Mucho
Brand Design — Mucho
Storyboards — Never Sit Still
Animation — Never Sit Still
Sound Design — Smith & Western

Selected shots from the ETTA product launch video.

Motion R&D of Etta trip cards.

Motion R&D of ETTA brand system assets.

Storyboards for the ETTA product launch video.

Selected style-frames for the ETTA product launch video.

Etta brand applications by Mucho, our partner agency on this project.