MACHINE is a film about Artificial Intelligence – the most radical new technology of our time.

The film picks the brains of world-renowned experts, who are creating, researching and controlling this new technology. The key issues, including AI companions, driverless cars, autonomous warfare, and the very real possibility of a Robot Apocalypse are all covered in this highly praised documentary.

Directed by Justin Krook and produced by the team behind Chef’s Table. Never Sit Still and Luxx are proud to have brought the 3D visualisations for the film to life.


A FINCH Production
Directed by — Justin Krook
Produced by — Michael Hilliard
Cinematographer — Anna Howard
Edited by — Scott Walmsley
Writers — James Maclurcan & Luke Mazzaferro
VFX Direction — Toby Pike
3D Visualisations — Never Sit Still & Luxx
Music Composition — Matteo Zingales at Sonar Music
Sound Design and Audio Mix — Sonar Sound

Establishing the neural network. 

Super intelligence sequence.

Replika app sequence.

Social network sequence.

Human brain sequence.

Decoding the brain sequence.

Journalism sequence.

Autonomous vehicles sequence.